Equipment Donations and Financial Sponsorships

Critical Response Network has become recognized for the high quality, professional development programs we present. One reason is our insistence on sufficient up-to-date equipment for appropriate hands-on training. Vendor support is vital to this aspect of our success. To maintain our high standards we are happy to accept cash, equipment donations, or even extended loans to expand our programs. Equipment can be new, ‘second stock’, or former demonstration units. Most items will be utilized in multiple programs. These programs offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your equipment to the ‘movers and shakers’ in the local EMS communities.

All cash sponsorships or equipment donations will count toward the appropriate partnership level as indicated on the financial partnerships page. Example: if you donate $2500 in equipment, you will be recognized as a Silver Partner and also receive the benefits of the Silver Level of Partnership! We have several programs in the offing that need equipment including our Certified Lab Instructor Specialist program: a train-the-trainer program for EMS Instructors/Training Officers on how to effectively teach and evaluate the following all-important skills for EMS courses and in-service programs:

Airway Management 101: “Most everything you forgot about basic airway management and how to teach it”. We need:

  • Airway Manikins: adult, infant and child
  • Bag Valve Mask Resuscitators (disposables are fine); adult, infant and child
  • Personal Ventilation Devices
  • Oxygen Tanks and regulators, preferably with toggle handle
  • Airway adjuncts: airways: Berman, Guedel and Nasal
  • Disposable oxygen masks (various styles) and cannulas
  • Suction units: manual as well as battery powered; and suction disposables
  • Latex free gloves: various sizes: small to XXL
Patient Packaging, Transfer and Transportation: “Getting the patient from here to there safely and efficiently”. We need:
  • Any patient transfer or transportation equipment; including pediatric, geriatric, and bariatric specific
  • Stretchers: manual and powered, stair chairs: manual and track, transfer boards and sheets, ‘Scoop’ style stretcher, ‘Reeves’ style stretchers, Rescue seats, Gait belts, hover mats, lift bag systems, etc.
  • Patient slider boards; long and short
  • Long Backboards (sport/bariatric), strapping options and head immobilization devices
  • Padding devices
  • Pediatric Immobilization devices
Splinting and Immobilization: “Back to basics and beyond”. We need:
  • Triangular and elastic bandages
  • Splints: board; padded and unpadded, cardboard, ladder, SAM® splints, traction, vacuum, air, pelvic
  • Pillows
Spinal Immobilization: “Being paralyzed sucks”. We need:
  • Collars: standard and adjustable; all sizes
  • Short spinal immobilization devices
  • Motorcycle and football helmets and extra clips
  • Sports helmet removal tools
Vital Signs and Patient Evaluation: “What the patient and their body are telling you, if you take the time to find out!” We need:
  • BP Cuffs: various sizes and styles including standard aneroid, palm aneroid, and multicuff kits
  • Stethoscopes: nurses, dual head, Sprague, teaching, cardiology, electronic
  • Automatic/electronic monitors
  • Pulse Oximeters: and assortment of sensors
  • CO and CO2 monitors
  • Penlights
  • Heart and lung sounds trainers
  • BP arm trainers
General items:
  • A trailer to store and haul the equipment. A great place for our/your mobile billboard! Will also be used when we attend trade shows and conferences!
  • Gear and equipment bags for transporting equipment and supplies
  • Wheeled stretcher with wheel locks for transport of equipment
  • CPR manikins and disposables: adult, infant and child
  • Adult, Infant and Child Rescue Manikins
    • Child Rescue Manikin: must be flexible and positionable at leg and arm joints
  • Bariatric Suit for Adult Rescue Manikin
  • Notebook computer(s)
  • LCD Projector(s)
  • Training materials (DVDs, manuals, PowerPoint™ presentations) for use in our programs or distribution to participant organizations.
Financial support: As the father said to the son at his wedding, “Son… cash is always good.”
  • To underwrite development of programs and program materials.
  • To underwrite presentation of programs including advertising, staff time, travel, room, board, participant materials, and breaks. Contact us for specific sponsorship opportunities.
  • For maintenance of equipment you donate.
  • To purchase equipment that hasn’t yet been donated.
Some additional thoughts:
  • Since there are numerous brands of equipment available for most products and we are a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, we cannot accept sponsorships that require exclusion of competing brands.
  • Due to our limited storage space and transport capability, we will not necessarily be able to accept all offered equipment immediately. If we cannot, we will be happy to reconnect with you as our programming and territory coverage expands.
  • We are happy to make your marketing materials (relative to the products donated for use in the programs) available to participants.
  • Donated equipment may be used in our booth at conferences and may be loaned for use in EMS training programs for maximum exposure.
  • We gratefully accept ‘Disposable’ supplies from broken or damaged packaging. Sterility is not an issue; clean is!
  • Equipment will be identified ‘for training use only’ when possible.
  • We will be happy to discuss how equipment you donate can be identified as coming from you via stencils or other methods.
  • All equipment must be in clean, safe, operating condition with all required components and manuals.
If you would like to provide equipment or financial support for any of our programs, or if you have identified the need for a specific training program that you would like us to consider developing, please contact Bob Davis at 845-242-1541 or by email at


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