Services Available from Critical Response Network

Note: services listed are available to individual organizations on a nominal fee for service basis.

Membership Interview Program: Do you know what your members really think about your organization?
- Do you talk with members who’ve recently left to find out why?
- Could minor changes have kept them from leaving?
We’ll design a simple membership survey, provide confidential tabulation of results, and make recommendations to help you act on those results. Should you wish, we can also provide impartial interviewers to meet one-on-one with your current and/or former members. The results are enlightening and the recommended “fixes” are generally surprisingly simple.

S.W.O.T. Evaluation: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. A SWOT is an objective evaluation of any specific aspect of an organization (such as recruitment & retention of volunteers, or fund raising). We’ll provide one or more facilitators to work with your members and staff. The process culminates in a detailed review of our findings and recommendations to your organization (based on these findings and industry best practices). Depending on the areas to be evaluated, the SWOT may be combined with our Membership Interview Program.

Public Relations & Marketing - Campaign Design/Implementation: Volunteer Emergency Service organizations generally do a terrible job of ‘tooting their own horns’!
  • Does your community hear from you other than during your annual fund raising campaign?
  • Do they even know that you are a VOLUNTEER organization?
  • Are your public education programs poorly attended (or have you just stopped offering them?)
  • Does your community know how many members you have, how many calls you go on each month/year, and how many volunteer hours are given?
  • Do they know what it would cost to replace your volunteer activities with paid crews?
  • Are you seeing increases in certain types of calls that might be eliminated with some good public education?
We’ll help you design a simple Public Relations & Marketing program. We can assist you to identify volunteers in your community to implement the program, keeping the bulk of the burden off your operations volunteers. We can share easy ideas that work, because…..if you don’t tell your story…. who will?

Newsletter Design: We feel strongly that quarterly community newsletters are an important part of your connection with your community. On-going communication can impact community preparedness, increase donations, and positively impact the public image of your organization. Keeping your community informed also increases recruitment and retention of volunteers. We’ll work with you to develop a newsletter program that does all these things and is totally self supporting!

Purchasing and Inventory Control: Money is tight. Most overhead expenses: insurance, vehicle operations, electric, heating, etc., are UP. Call volume is UP. Every penny must be spent wisely and effectively to keep you in business, yet most of your volunteers have little or no background in purchasing or inventory control. We’ll share our expertise with you to set up simple inventory and purchasing controls and systems. Your organization will save both money and time.

Request for Proposal (RFP) - Review and/or Writing:
  • Are you a volunteer ambulance service or volunteer fire department rescue squad with staffing problems?
  • Are you or your municipality considering contracting out for paid service coverage or staffing?
We can work with you or your municipality throughout the RFP process:
  • Identifying what you are trying to accomplish with paid staffing/coverage
  • Identifying whether you want paid staff in your vehicles or to contract for staff and vehicles
  • Identifying neighboring organizations or municipalities with which to co-op coverage
  • Writing or reviewing the RFP to maximize your coverage per dollar spent
  • Reviewing proposals received
  • Properly presenting the idea to your membership so as to maintain member morale and line of communication.
Note: We are not lawyers. Our reviews are from the perspective of obtaining the best possible coverage for the money available.


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