Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP)

Emergency services volunteers play an important role in every community. These volunteers include members of your local volunteer fire department and ambulance services, as well as search & rescue and disaster volunteers. The volunteers give up their time for training and response, frequently leaving family and friends on holidays and ‘special days’ to save lives and relieve suffering.

Our Volunteer Incentive Program, or VIP, is a simple way for you, as a local business, to say ‘Thank You’ to these volunteers and their families. The program is simple and ‘win-win’ for you and the participants.
  • There is NO upfront cost to participate. No fees now, no fees in the future whatsoever!
  • Download the ‘rules of the program’.
  • You decide what discount(s) you want to offer on goods or services you provide.
  • Agree to offer the discounts at least through December 31, 2010.
  • Download our simple application to participate as a vendor.
  • Fill out the application and mail it to us at Critical Response Network, PO Box 248, Patterson, NY 12563, or scan the completed form and email it to VIP@criticalresponsenetwork.org or just attach the completed application to an email to VIP@criticalresponsenetwork.org.
  • If we accept your participation in the program, we will send you a welcome packet including a Participating Vendor Poster and a logo for use in your marketing. We will also request that you email us a copy of your logo for the VIP directory on our web site.
  • Every week we send an update to the 100+ emergency service organizations in the eight counties representing over 20,000 volunteers listing the new VIP business participants.
  • We do all the advertising for you. Once accepted, feel free to advertise your participation as well.
  • The program costs you nothing until an emergency services volunteer or member of their family needs what you are offering and then your only ‘cost’ is the discount you offer!
Our initial program covers the following counties in New York: Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester AND Litchfield County in Connecticut. This means over 20,000 volunteers and their families may take advantage of this program! We know that many volunteers live in one county and work or shop in another. Volunteers also routinely provide emergency response outside their home county on a mutual aid or large disaster basis. That’s why we are requesting that you offer your discount to any emergency volunteer or their family from any of these counties who presents a valid card.

Why YOU should participate:
  • A volunteer emergency services system saves you money! A volunteer system costs 60-90% less than the cost of a commercial or municipal system.
  • The VIP is an incentive for existing volunteers to continue to volunteer and for new volunteers to join the ranks!
  • You offer a product or service. The VIP will drive new customers (the volunteers and their families) to you. If the volunteers and their families are already your customers, the VIP will act as a loyalty incentive, especially in these tough economic times.
  • Participation in the program is an inexpensive form of advertising.
  • Volunteer organizations frequently become large extended families. Volunteers routinely share information on where to do business in a community. Word of mouth has always been a powerful advertising tool.
Examples of discounts YOU can offer:
  • A flat discount off any order: 5, 10, 15 percent or more
    • 10% off any meal
    • 5% off any order
    • 15% off any size safe deposit box rental
    • 10% of all ornamental shrubs or trees, 20% off all seasonal flowers and cut flowers
    • 15% off tax preparation
  • Buy one of a specific item, get one free or at half price
    • i.e.: buy an adult meal, get a second meal of greater or equal value for 50% off
  • Buy one item, get another item free or at a discount
    • i.e.: buy a large pizza, get a free topping and a free large soft drink
    • i.e: buy two tires, get free valve stems and balancing
    • i.e.: rent a video or game and get a popcorn for 50% off
  • Specific Item for a specific price:
    • Oil change and filter for $XX (be specific on any vehicles with additional cost)
    • $YY for a deluxe carwash
    • Any large pizza with one topping for $XX (sorry no deliveries)
    • $XX off any used car or truck over $10,000; $YY off any new car or truck
Some thoughts on what you offer:
  • We want you to make money on this program. Make sure your offer makes business sense for you!
    • Limits are OK, i.e. ‘Not to be combined with any other specials or coupons.’
    • Due to the length of your program commitment (12/31/2010) you may wish to consider percent discounts rather than specific prices or dollar discounts.
  • We prefer that all offers be valid at all times if possible. The volunteers don’t get to decide when an emergency is going to strike.
  • Keep the offer simple and general if possible.
  • Don’t just offer discounts on slow sellers.
  • The more items you offer discounts on; the greater the probability that you will make a sale!
For more information or to discuss your businesses involvement please:


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